Our Group

About Springfield Anesthesia:


Large, growing private practice in academic medical center


Host to University of Massachusetts residency in Anesthesia and fellowship in Pain Management


Centered in region’s largest tertiary care hospital and level-1 trauma center


Servicing multiple facilities with wide variety of practice environments

Who Are We?

SAS is a large, physician-owned private practice group which has been providing anesthesia services in Springfield, MA and the surrounding area for over 50 years. Throughout our history, we have had a strong partnership with the institutions which today, are known as Baystate Medical Center and the Baystate Health system. The Medical center is the region’s tertiary care, level 1 trauma center, a major training hospital for the University of Massachusetts, and one of America’s Top Hospitals.

As the hospital has grown, so has SAS, and we now consist of a group of nearly 50 physicians, 50 CRNAs, and a steadily growing office and administrative staff. We also manage the UMass-affiliated Anesthesia residency, which hosts 25 CA1-CA3 residents. In order to ensure that a group of our size is able to provide the best support services to our employees and clients, SAS has partnered with Plexus Management Group, one of the industry’s premier management companies.

We are a dynamic practice, with an emphasis on remaining the area’s largest and best anesthesia service, while maintaining an unparalleled training environment for our residents, and other trainees for whom we are responsible. Our group has been active in seeking out opportunities throughout our region, both within and outside the Baystate system, and we continue to do so. At the same time, we are committed to investing in our academic endeavors which keep our team of clinicians and trainees at the forefront of our specialty.

As a hybrid private practice/ academic department, we enjoy a unique practice style, with unusual variety and opportunity for challenge and learning. Our clinicians work everywhere from the hectic main ORs of the large Medical Center, to the calmer waters of our community hospitals. We may work with residents one day, focusing on the foundational sciences of our practice, while working solo in a busy surgicenter the next. With the wide array of services we provide, everyone at SAS can find their niche.